grá i gcónaí

“Love Always” The hang tag on everything I put out has this small Irish saying on it and many of the products with my designs on them have different Irish or Celtic sayings imprinted on them.

When I began to make these fantasy pinup ladies, I gave each of them a name to try and give each one their own personality. At first I made up a lot of names like Lunah Bayme and Majique Sawng as a play on words. The more I designed though the more I felt the names needed more thought behind them. I then began to research the meanings behind all different sorts of names and now incorporate that into naming my creations. In fact now, even before I begin doing anything I pick a name to get the initial feel of where I want a pinup to go, style wise.

One of my latest pieces, Kuria Phile, translates as noble lady love. So in my art as in all things I try to show a progression in knowledge and understanding.

When I put a piece on something like a mug, I also place a little saying on there that has some positive meaning.
go síoraí – eternally
grá go deo – love forever
Síochán leat – peace be with you

A little positivity can go a long way in today’s world.

There is also a reason I chose the name Cliona Grainne for the type of pinup art I do.
Cliona is a name from Irish folklore derived from the fae legend of Cliodhna who had magical birds who’s songs could heal the sick and the name itself means “shapely”.
Grainne also comes from Irish folklore and is often associated with graidh, which means “love”.

So taken together I try to make my pinup lasses, “shapely-lovely ladies”, much like the light of my life, Christine Blake.

I hope this sheds some light on the little sayings you see on my art, products and assorted things you see with my CGPinups artwork.

Have a fantastic day,

Brett “britty” Middaugh