About The Artist

Hi, My name is Brett Middaugh.

brett-steampunk hatI am the artist behind the designs at CGPinups.

I was born in a small town in Central New Jersey called Dunellen during the tumultous years of the late 60’s. Being born in the 60’s and then growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I always had strong female characters thrust into my life starting with books like Gnomes and Faeries continuing with comic books and Sue Storm of the Fantasic Four, the TV show Wonder Woman and finally seeing the rebel Princess Leia on the big screen. Because of this I have had a fascination with pretty, strong women since a young age and loved seeing them in a fantasy setting.

Having no formal training in art, onefaeries-gnomes day while perusing software on the internet I came across a program called “Poser” and decided to try my hand at creating forms I envisioned in my mind.

Chrissy "kittens" BlakeAt long last figures I had seen in my minds eye I was able to bring to life in front of me. As with all art, my first attempts were crude but after practice, hard work and trial and error I eventually decided to put my ladies out there after encouragement from my lovely partner, Chrissy “kittens” Blake.

The response I received was overwhelmingly positive and so I decided to venture forth and share my creativity with the world.

In my CGPinup designs you will find strong women brandishing wands, swords and weapons seemingly holding the evils of the world at bay in fantastic settings but with an old school “pinup” feel. I love to come up with these digital impressions of fantasy and invite you to come back often to see what new artwork is offered.

I hope you enjoy perusing my digital art and find it inspiring in your daily endeavors.

Have a fantastic day,
Brett “brittles” Middaugh